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No Singing in Church

17 June, 2020 — Kate Brown

Video at: https://youtu.be/DG5D_2BaDS0

No singing in church. The chapel is silent today, and it's been silent for a while now.

For fear that we respire, conspire, then expire. Now is the time for silence. To mourn the losses, to bury the dead, for grief to be felt.

Now is the time to quieten voices, to hear that small calm voice of reason telling us what has to change. To keep silent the cars, and the planes. To quieten busy minds' chatter.

To recalibrate, and hold on to that which really matters, amidst the social distance, reaching out for each other.

We will sing again, one day.

We will raise our voices, and be changed.

And even though we sing alone, still sing together.


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