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The Good Stuff, Episode One

04 May, 2020 — Kate Brown and Dr Andy Farnell

Video at: https://youtu.be/NMH_d8tMiEw

Andy: Welcome to the Good Stuff, with me Andy Farnell...

Kate: ...and me, Kate Brown.

Andy: Kate is a attachment based psychoanalytical psychotherapist from the UKCP...

Kate: And you are a computer scientist specializing in ...

Andy: You can say Andy is a computer scientist with a very big beard

Kate: Yes, an enormous beard, people! You should see it! It's enormous! It's huge.

Andy: It's getting there.

Kate: You are channeling your inner Father Christmas right now.

Andy: I've got my lock-down beard.

Kate: So, Dan has asked us to talk about immunity passports and I want to set the parameters of what I'm able to talk about with some knowledge, and what I'm not able to talk about with much knowledge.

I'm not an immunologist so I don't know about the research that would govern the idea of immunity passports.

I'm also not a computer scientist who understands how such a plan would be implemented and I'm rather reliant on on your expertise in that area.

I think the reason why Dan has asked me to be here this evening and to talk and think about a wider issue of immunity is because what is likely to be the case is that very strong unconscious feelings will be behind the current social discourse about immunity, and whether immunity passports are a good thing or a bad thing.


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