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09 April, 2020 — Liberality contributors

Liberality means being open to ideas other than your own. It also means generosity. Illiberality, the opposite, is close-mindedness, bigotry and meanness.

We seek to burst the filter bubble, in dialogue with people who might not agree with us but are saying something worth listening to.

Liberality does not mean endorsing particular 'liberal' or 'libertarian' views, nor does it occupy one place on a supposed political spectrum from left to right.

Instead of defining certain ideas as progressive or regressive, it asks what kind of future we are meant to be progressing towards.

We intend to use lessons from successful social and political movements to enable active participation in policy-making, and the iterative improvement of existing policies.

We intend to emulate the best producers of long-form, in-depth video and audio content, according to Marshall McLuhan's principle of hot versus cold media.

We reject the churnalism and clickbait of contemporary mass media, and the provocations of social media which turn people against their neighbours to drive 'engagement'.

We are genuinely independent and do not accept sponsorship of any kind unless it is explicitly declared.

We seek the means to meet and speak with people, and to publish contributors' work commercially where these opportunities exist.

We reject all forms of violence, and reject support for the violence of others, but we don't believe speech is literal violence.

We are genuinely open to new contributors who share our aims, not just another self-serving clique.

You might be challenged, but perhaps that's the price of thinking for yourself.

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